Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Have you ever wondered what makes some people extraordinary? How they are able to take ordinary objects and make them into something spectacular. Well it was my great pleasure to meet Theresa & Craig Smith of Time Worn Interiors at Lakewood 400. They are two of the most extraordinary people i have ever met. (and the sweetest too). If you aren't familiar with their work, just google country living magazine double wide. or check out her blog. I got the most wonderful goodies from them...they are now in the shop so come by soon because they wont last long. we can put on a pot of coffee and you can read the full article from country living. thanks Theresa for everything!!!


timeworninteriors said...

Thank you for the compliment! You are so sweet, it was a pleasure meeeting you!

kindred spirit said...

Hi. I found your blog through Lauri of "Chippys". Last winter I stayed in Atlanta and never found your shop, RATS!!! I saw in one of the photos on Lauri's post in back of Thesesa' table some kind of piece of furniture. It's kinda yellow w/white embellishment's. What is that? Love your things, great taste!!!