Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS...a road trip is always a good idea

My best Junkin Buddies and I decided to take a road trip....and are we ever glad we did! We went to Lilburn and got to meet sweet Rowann of Antiques in old town. This shop is full and I mean full of treasures. We found so much junk...uh... treasures, we were afraid someone would have to ride on the hood! Now we were getting hungry (you know junkin is very hard work) so we went to the Blue Rooster Cafe just a few doors up from Rowann. This place is soooo charming and the food was wonderful. Rowann's sweet husband had drawn us a map to a couple of other places to see while we were there, so , with renewed energy ...we were off. Thanks Rowann and her Husband for a wonderful day. And special thanks to my Junkin buddies Charlotte and Margot for your wonderful friendship!