Wednesday, March 10, 2010

White Wednesday and What I've Been Up To!

Please meet the latest addition to our family...Madelyn Elizabeth! She was 5 weeks premature and weighed just over 5 lbs. (and yes she is crying in the pics). Sorry Madelyn.
It seems like ages since I have blogged about anything. Just missing my shop and all my customers. We officially closed the shop in December. I have rented space in a great shop in Kennesaw...Fleu de Coop! Come see us there. We still have the same look and try to add new things twice a week. My Mom is still on the mend (please continue to pray for her). I have missed blogging but please know that I have not missed your post because I read them daily! If you were in Texas in the fall you might have seen the settee that Madelyn is lying on. Thanks Peg and John! I bought it from a friend who bought it from French Vanilla. Small World!
Now please head over to Kathleen @ faded Charm and check out the rest of the White Wednesday blogs and have a great evening!