Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Beautiful White Wednesday

I was looking around last night at some of my favorite things and decided to snap a few photos for "White Wednesday". If you haven't been there yet... head on over and see Kathleen at Faded Charm
and check it out! The first photo is a small portion of a very large painting by my favorite artist Fabrice Aberti. He and his wife Martha are two of the most talented people I know (and sweet friends). The next is of a lamp I found in a thrift store long ago. The brown cupboard is from France and it holds precious gifts from some of the sweetest friends a girl could have. The canister set is also from France and the frame above it holds old post cards. The special thing about these particular cards is the Post Office they were mailed to in 1908 which is now my shop! The shelf just holds bits and pieces of some of my Hotel Silver and grungy Ironstone, old boxes...just some of my favorite Junk. Hope everyone has a wonderful White Wednesday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

and... THIS IS NOW!

I was waiting to show pics of the new window when I had finished tweeking everything...but...it was soaked in the storm, so I will post the ones I had already taken. I found a wedding photo from the late1800's, and this became my inspiration. The grooms ears stick out and his hair looks like Eddie Munster. The Bride is beautiful, but, look closely, what is that behind her head...is that a skull?!!! Well, I had a steer skull and then found my little mannequin minus her fingers and the wheels began turning and.................

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WHO KNEW !!! or It's good weather for mushrooms

Who knew I would be plotting a course to drive to work since all the roads around me are closed. Who knew that I would be spending my day dumping the buckets, bowls and enamelware from the roof leak at my shop and and cleaning repairing and redoing, who knew that after sending out the invitation to stop by my shop for a quick respite, major highways would be closed due to flooding.... The invitation stands! If you can get here, we would love to meet you! You just might need a boat!

Monday, September 21, 2009


These pics were taken at our lake. What you can't see is the dam that has been compromised by all the run off. It sounds like a raging river down there.

This was my yard...

I was watching the Weather Channel this morning when I realized they were filming in the parking lot of my shop! Went to check on things and found all roads to the shop were under water. Our roof was leaking all over the place, but we were lucky. We have had 15" of rain in a day and a half! Please pray for the families that were not so lucky. Four lives were lost today. People were rescued by boat and bused to higher ground.


By way of Georgia... I am offering an open invitation for a short respite from your travels...We will have coffee, tea and refreshments . We are only 30 minutes from the airport and if you are traveling I-20 we are 15 minutes from the Thornton Road exit. Why you ask? Because I won't get to go to Texas ... AGAIN!!! I have been dying to meet all my blogger peeps for soooooooo long so I started thinking (dangerous) Maybe they need coffee or some snacks to tide them over or just a smile and a hug and good wishes, so , if you are in the area call (404-409-8129) day or night and we will have the coffee pot going. Here's hoping that the shows will be better than ever and stop by if you can!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


A Little peek at my window. The vintage baby mannequin only has one thumb left, but not to worry...she is carrying an extra hand in her purse. The bride has waited so long for her prince to come...too long...way too long!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Last year my Fall decorating was inspired by all my crack head babies ...this year I was inspired by a wedding photo from the 1800's. Soooo stay tuned!